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The 1950s. A Rose And A Baby Ruth. Be-Bop-A-Lula. Just A Dream. Cry Me a River. A Fool Such As I. To A Heart That's True. Happy, Happy Birthday Baby. Hymne A L'amour. Keep It A Secret.
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101 Popular "Three Chord" Easy Favorites for Piano. We strive to provide a quality product that satisfies every customer's need. Our ability to close the gaps in the industry has inspired a large following on five continents in all print categories.
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The Cape Breton Fiddlers Collection. The Cape Breton Fiddlers Collection. A Compilation of 267 Melodies. This book celebrates the vibrant musical culture of Cape Breton Island. A Salute to Willie Joe MacLellan.
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Happy Birthday. Happy Birthday. The beautiful birthday melodies. For He's a Jolly Good Fellow. At a birthday always heard music - but where do you find the notes for the "right" pieces. A gray hair.
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Essential Songs - More of the 1950s. A Rose And A Baby Ruth. A Big Hunk O' Love. Just A Dream. Get A Job. Happy, Happy Birthday Baby. I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter. All Of A Sudden.
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Happy Birthday. Happy Birthday. For He's a Jolly Good Fellow. Happy Birthday. The most beautiful melodies Birthday. A gray hair. A day saver. Birthday canon. Birthday game.
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French Art Songs. titles allow you to own a music library that rivals the great collections of the world. Clearings in the sky - A poet distait. Clearings in the sky - If all this is a poor dream.
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Canadian Fiddle Music Volume 1. A Toast To Danny Sandy. Happy Time Fiddler. Kitty In A Snit. Happy Time. Variations On A Classical Theme. Happy Birthdau Waltz. Happy Go Lucky Boy Waltz. Mush-A-Mush Lake Breakdown.
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