Lyrics: Necro. The Sexorcist. Sexpert.


I'm sandwiched in between an Italian chick and a Spanish tanned bitch with a god damn itch and a chest bigger then Rosanne's tits.These chicks are so sick for chips they suck an old mans dick. my aggressive Jorgan is backed up by an impressive hard on get your crack fucked. the sexpert is through wen im squirtin goo (blow) i worship you but at the same time your birdshit askin slut do you like aspen when im fuckin your ass in, no condom basking .Your filled up now feel your orgasm build up now we rub and stain the carpet like a spilled cup.Suck on my meat like yo bopin your head to the beat up and down 90 sucks per measure is the speed, my balls smackin your cunt is like a kick makin a track thump your twat is a drug spot cuz your getting your cracked pumped. (pumped)

its the sexpert and thats my fucking name!!(x2)


Ill bend over a skeeza from Indonesia 18 years old who's ribs is sold for sucking them fuckin poles.My middle finger is in your ass back and forth like im wakin off ,suck a fat cock your pussy makes more then a crack spot. investigate your asshole like mount lock , your twat is hot like a wok im so fucking hot i can sit out with my cock. look me as i film you sucking the mildew of a dick that'll kill you, i love you freaks watch my dick poke the inside of ya cheecks as you swallow a brothers meat.I wish your mother could see on your feet before your anus was loose it use to strangle my cock like a noose.Im doctor misuse , fertilizing your eggs with ham , squirting ya legs like jam lubricating your breasts with pam.

Its the sexpert and thats my fucking name!!!(x2)

Your beds flooded with scum, im red blooded my head nuttin into yo mouth then a needle and thrist shut it.Choke on the yolk my cocks brick. theirs little droplets of cunt juice splash outta your twat lips, your topless your innocent the type that would neva comitt a sin. But soon ill be rubbin my cum in ya skin with the head of my pendulum , the cinnamon coloured Dominican honey was ment for cum. your fake d-cups are full and perdy im suckin on your tax deductible wonderfly fuckable titties.My trumpet needs to get blown by a model from vogue.A fuckin toad with a dick in her hand like a stoge.My hot cream is blastin I grab my meat and beat it like michael jackson.You aint eatin dick you betta be fastin.It better be on kippa you fuckin strippa suck on my dick and do a mitzfa.

Its the sexpert and thats my fucking name!!!!(x2)

(alexis mouth)(moaning)

Hit P'z

(Thanks to Necro for these lyrics)