Lyrics: Ghostface Killah. Apollo Kids. Drama.

It was the night before he got popped
Big jars of hay, Cheech and Chong bong in the spot
Tropicana strawberries, diced bananas the long dookie fifth
Next to the Town House crackers mad noise

2008 a G, a game
I'm Ron O'Neil the love seat, sunk deep
Lil' niggas bussin' off they punk heat
I'll make a massacre, try to rob one of my donkeys

But I ain't wettin' that
I don't wanna send nobody back, violently take a nap
Promise you got something, Lord, that I honor you
Blow your lil' head off while you're tying your shoe

But back in the kitchen Pyrex's
Occupied by the twins, bank robbers with large records
Hard vests, 86 got guards on, Benetton rugbies
And frames that fake guns when they rob [Incomprehensible]

To them that's natural action play the [Incomprehensible]
We gettin' at you and we don't want to rap to you
It's not culture, it's not a code of La Costra Nostra to roast ya
I get a little closer

Rock you to sleep like I got these little bitches, come over
Hoping you fall for the bait thinking you safe
Had that ass sweating like T.D. Jakes
I want the ones, nigga, you non believers, you can ask your momma
Now that's drama

Dollar icy from papi with the scraper glock with the laser
Trying my best not to pop yet but the trop is major
Shot my lil' 'cause I do my aunt the favor watch this
I never been this itchy hope the cops just

Get a doughnut urge and just splurge you bot he nerve to play third
In a softball tournament round my way say that's your word you bird
I'll put your beak on a curb but anyway
Looks like a good game the pigs ain't leaving so I'm a lay

Nice play, just too bad it's your last
Couple bundles of D and 200 cash to sack you in the grass
So watch the teams line up, shake hands, guess the games over
Faggot nigga, hopped in a Liberty, fake Range Rover

I'm on his tail like Sonic little shorty palming on a 40
Broad day, I'm trying to dodge a cover story
Look like he stopping for gas I'm a pluck him, yay
This had to be his most unlucky, lucky day

2 brothers come out of 7 Eleven in army wear and stand there
Acting like my tires need air
He closed the gas cap, too many things going his way
So I just stashed that you probably think I'm bugging but, hey

I know them games in Lindsay Park is every Sunday
he ain't going nowhere
I went home switched gear went out and grabbed me a beer
10 drinks later I'm at Burger King window for a Whopper
Look left and see partner, I hit the stash bloka

Who the fuck you think you is Ron O'Neil
Tat tat what the fuck when that 9 milli peel
Is it real realer than Pittsburgh steel
Yo Ghost pass the toast these niggas is daffodils

Got buck naked bitches counting half a mil gloves on
Fully dressed bitches watching them with they snubs on
While I'm in the kitchen pretending to be Raekwon
Watching Rachel Ray all day, I get my cake on

Fiends love me like a Drake song
Rep that Louboutin bottom in my back pocket all day long
Black Wall Mafias, Wu-Tang Sopranos
Niggas steady pushing keys but we don't see pianos

Niggas steady pushing Phantoms, we don't see the opera
Niggas steady rocking dreads, you ain't even Rasta
Take your New Era off and reveal
The fact the nigga you are or your cap getting peeled

Then we out to Brazil I know niggas in Negril
That'd chop your fucking head off and throw it on a grill
Take the gold out your mouth and throw it in they grill
Send a finger to your moms and let her know that this real

Nigga, we in the field like Chris Johnson
It's 2010 how the fuck we get 6 Thompsons
Top 10, how the fuck you gonna forget Compton
Every rapper on your list'll get their shit stomped in

I started soowoo, I'm the reason for that 5 shit
Came in the game on that fucking ready to die shit
Sold 9 mil ended up with some fly shit
Naked pictures, R&B bitches, all in my sidekick

How I be killin' the pussy should be a hate crime
Got a Blackberry was getting to much face time
Back to fucking project bitches now I hate dimes
All they want is money, my nigga, I can't waste mine

I sun niggas like it's day time
Grey cotton Louis sweat suit with the Ralp Lauren waist lines
Smooth as a baby's ass and I got that baby cash
Catch me in the hood, same deals Old Navy had