Lyrics: Conflict. These Colours Don't Run.

The factories still churning out
Of that there's not a single doubt
There's more snide shit from their flea pits
They couldn't give a fucking shit.
It's true, overdue, and plain to see,
They say, we're standing firmly in the rain
Simply waiting for it to stop they said,
That we should build new umbrellas because we're
Stuck in our own rut.
I say, blow away the rain clouds,
For the new horizon is crystal clear.
It's took sometime, but we're on the right track
Now where do we go from here?
Sick and tored of worthless statements
Pissed off with the same old songs
You stuff your moral rule book
Of what's allowed, what's right and wrong
Oh yeah, there's those who only criticise yet offer
Nothing new solutions? Ideas? No, just raked up shit
What a clever thing to do
We must strive on for what we know is right
We know all too well there's no end in sight
But human nature is still on our side as the politicians
Fall into landslide we're out on the street,
Feeling the beat of the heart's in anger at the upper crust
Elite who don't hear us scream or beg for a halt or
Their society aborts
1981 President Reagan and the pope face assassins'
Bullets and escape with their lives.
But in Cairo Sadat dies in a hail of automatic fire
From brixton to Belfast riots rage and fires burn.
The royal wedding of Pronce Charles is celebrated.
In America the skies roar as Columbia the first space
Shuttle blasts off but as winter descends so does the
Chilling news of martial law in Poland.
1982 Argentina invades Falklands, Speilberg captures
Our imaginations, unemployment rises above three million,
Adn with threat of cruise missiles twenty
Thousand women go to war to safe guard peace.
Britain gets it's fourth T.V. station,
Princess Diana gives us a royal heir.
The I.R.A. bring horror to Hyde Park, Breshnev dies in
Russia and Irael invades Lebanon.
1983 As protesters get into their stride at Greenham
Ronald Reagan promises to make Star Wars a frightening reality
Back on earth the Soviets admit to shooting down a Korean airliner,
Maggie Thatcher triumphs again and America's first
Woman astronaut is in space;
For Grenada its an American invasion.
1984 after twelve weeks the striking miners still
Battle on and in Brighton the P.M. and cabinet narrowly
Escape death as an I.R.A. bomb rips through the Grand Hotel.
Yvonne Thatcher is gunned down and her murderer
Flies away a free man.
Rajiv Gandhi fights dave his country after the
Assassination of his mother.
Millions face starvation in Ethiopia.
1985 Mikhail Gorbachev is Soviet leader, while shouts
Of "scab" greet miners.
Unions vote to end the national strike.
The rainbow warrior of Greenpeace is damaged in
New Zealand by two bombs.
Live aid rocks the world for the hungry,
A policeman is hacked to death in London,
Reagan in Geneva said the world is now a safe place.
1986 Space shuttle explodes on take off, Swedish P.M. is
Shot dead in the street, the pickets cash in wapping,
Reagan bombs Libya (keep your head down), Russian
nuclear reactor is ablaze.
1987 Beirut gun man attack U.N., Argentinian president
Ends arms revolt, Gorbachev makes new offer on arms
Cuts, Iraqi exocet blasts U.S. frigate,
Thatcher is elected for a third term.
In Britain 'spycatcher' is banned,
But anyone can buy it in America.
A storm hits the stock market on black monday.
1988 S.A.S. gun man gun down I.R.A. unit in Gibraltar,
Mitterand returns as French president. U.S. war ships
Shoot down an Iranian airliner,
Bush is elected as U.S. president.
Thatcher speaks for Polish freedom.
Britain is shocked by two disasters in nine days and
Edwina resigns over a storm in an egg cup.
1989 Berlin wall is torn down,

Freedom sweeps the East. In China a light of hope in
Tiannamen square is extinguished.
In Romania peoplel fight against the dictator Ceauces-Cu
and with his death they win.
For once it seems a hope and good can prevail.
1990 Saddam Hussein invades Kuwait, U.N. troops leave
To face the unknown horrors of modern warfare.
Mandela is freed, the Soviet pulls out of Czechoslavakia
And Maggie Thatcher resigns.
1991 The waiting is over, the Gulf explodes, never
has such a powerful force been unleashed against one
Nation. The bombardment against Iraq is relentless,
The end comes quickly, as the victorious survivors
Celebrate, for some the battle against grief is just
Beginning, yellow ribbons are everywhere, with the
Release of John McCarthy,
It seems at last the world is changing for the better.
The plights of those in misery
A dead necked vision, product of subsidence.
Fucked up, and held in screaming silence
Another police force investigation
Blatant lies, false fucked suggestions
Is it all down to communications?
Or does the grass need cutting?
Has it changed direction?
The chants that only serve to divide
The police link with the revenue, the royalties slide
Now as poor old joy gardener bites the dust
Why should I give a flying fuck?
But the lefties scream outside the courts
Looking to lay the blame, it's no one's fault
They show sincerity, oh how much they care
Yeah, in their sick, twisted cause, in their affairs
A black boy has just missed his bus
A racist attack? Or blood thirsty lust?
Again the left jump on the back of this weeks attack
And force feed, socialist shit militant crap.
They blatantly try and whip up violence.
Why don't they keep their arseholes shut?
And keep in silent.
Another black person has died, that is true
But are you surprised? I ain't, because I already knew
By promoting political deaths they could not give a fucking toss
Sexism reigns in mans green wordl
The A.L.F. proves yet again that they won't be told
That what they do (or don't) is totally wrong
So fuck off you insane cunts, it still remains...
Our song!
Detention centres for the relentless
Approves schools for the fools
Abolish the jury, punish the fury
But it's our power that you fuel
So is it basically blatantly obvious
And in fact fucking common sense
That when people are forced to live in shit
Under your conditions, crime will undoubtedly spread
You may be watching every move we make
You even convince yourself that you're clever
But I'm looking back right into your eyes, so
Don't you ever, never ever, think that I might trip or
Slip right down your stairs
Into your cells, where unaware, you can beat
And fuck me senseless, while the world spins
Around relentless
You may have people on your side that I
Consider the lowest form of life
But don't you think of what you call respect
Even enters into our minds aspect
For I'm sick of respect, how bout our causes instead?
What made the maddeened go to extreme lengths
Who simply couldn't take it
Who knew they wouldn't make it
Being ground down fine, by those who haven't got the time
For they shall punish those who sin
Toss the peasants live into the bin
Of those who won't beg for their pittance
And that still remains our fucking difference
Who will not beg to their Jesus, god
Christ I've had enough of that
Christ I've had enough of this!